The advantages and disadvantage of Online Marketing

The advantages and disadvantage of Online Marketing

Online Marketing refers to marketing of your products or services over the internet. Online Marketing enables you to promote your services and products online in a portion of the price of conventional marketing.

Online Marketing includes creation of a strategy suitable to your websiste to advertise your company on the internet. It binds together creative and technical facets of the web including ad, development, design and sale.

Business models that are distinct are involved by online Marketing.

A few of the processes of Online Marketing are:

Banner placement

Internet search engine placement

E-mail newsletters

Link building

Post entry

Affiliate Marketing

On-Line direct selling

Pay per click marketing

On-Line Public Relations

It has many advantages.

One to one approach- The consumer that is targeted is browsing alone so the promotional message reaches him. That is used in search engine Marketing where advertisements are derived from search engine results.

Cater to interests that are special - geo-marketing and Online Marketing is a form of Marketing that appeals to specific interests and preferences rather than a broad demographic.

Geo- marketing: Content that is different can be delivered by one according to geographic location, IP address, ISP of the customer.

The consumer can exercise his or her range of advice

Relatively cheap- On-Line Advertising costs minimal in comparison to other media like print and TV. There is no need to invest on physical assumptions. It includes a portion of the advertising budget that is conventional.

Global company-

Measuring data is simple -Nearly all aspects of online Marketing plan can be traced, quantified and analyzed. Advertisers pay per play, may use various means like Pay per impression, pay-per-click or pay-per action.

Answerability- Website Marketing vests advertisers having a larger degree of liability.

In spite of those edges not all businesses are oriented due to the following disadvantages:

You can become involved in unethical or illegal practices like spamming. Another disadvantage is the fact that sometime business is such that it requires a physical demonstration and has to be real to the consumer. Or you could be targeting a consumer who is not computer savvy. Additionally, many customers is not going to be comfortable doing online transactions using their credit card.

But Online Marketing is a thought that is happening and hot. Most customers browse the Internet to find what they need before they see a store. Out of all local business investigations, users' investigation is followed up by 86% of they or a trip to the store. Of those, 61% end up making a purchase. Hence the need for Online Marketing.

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